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The Ministry solely existed for the two years she was in office. Camma Sylvia Søgaard was married to Clement Larsen-Ledet and mom of two kids, she lived ( ). Trough many years Chairperson of the Association of Consumers, MF for the Social Democrats . Lis Groes was married to Ebbe Groes mom of 9 children born between 1937 and 1951.

After having labored in the Union of Female Workers on the native and nationwide stage, she was Chairperson , until she became member of the Folketing for the Social Democrats . Fanny Haraldine Alfrida Jensen née Andersen was married to Carl Victor Jensen till their divorce in 1923, mother of 1 daughter, and lived ( ). Below, you’ll be able to delve into the history of Danish women in corporate management and the disproportion between men and women that – sadly – persists in govt management. It has been 161 years for the reason that Danish Trade Act was handed, granting single women the proper to conduct business beneath the same circumstances as men. For a long time, individuals with as much success as I even have were comparatively immune to those anxieties.

Vice-Chairperson and Political Spokesperson of the Social Democrats. Lotte Koed Bundsgaard is married to Søren Thorsager and mom of a daughter born 1999, and a son born in February 2002.

Years Ago: Danish Women Voted For The First Time At A Parliamentary Election

On both occasions she was on Maternity Leave for one month. Married to Danny Feltmann Espersen (They took one another’s surnames) (b. 1965-) . Teacher and MF for the Social Democrats , Member of the Defence Committee and Speaker on Defence Policy in 2000.

When Lene Espersen grew to become party leader in 2008 it was agreed that she was to take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2010, but as an alternative she was nominated as EU-Commissioner. Master in Literature and History and Journalist at Danish Television. Connie Hedegaard Koksbang is married to Jacob Andersen, and mother of two boys born 1993 and 1994. Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Vice-Chair and from 2011 Chairperson of the Committee of European Affairs.

Violence Against Women

– It is immensely essential for younger students to have female role fashions in business. A saying goes “You can’t be it, if you can’t see it! We have seen this in for example Norway and Sweden, which launched gender quotas on boards – which had a trickle down impact in the entire countries, notes Anna-Sophie, who may also be attending the occasion in March. – If we look at the facts, the issue isn’t an absence of qualified women.

The particular thing about Denmark in this context is that we were very fast to implement the HPV vaccine nationwide. This is why we have managed to hold out such a comprehensive research of the impact of the HPV vaccine so soon. The research is the primary of its type the place scientists study the nationwide difference within the incidence of cervical precursor lesions among vaccinated and non-vaccinated women. – 14 percent of employees in Danish transport corporations are women.

Just underneath 20,000 men and simply over 3,000 women. This is the distribution of men and women employed in Danish transport corporations.

European Committee For Treatment And Research In Multiple Sclerosis

Deputy Mayor of Assens and MF for the Rightwing Liberals and Chairperson of the Energy Committee and of the Ecclesiastical Committee from 2007. Owner of the Estate Hagenskov and in 1997 she was one of the two first women to be appointed Hofjægermester/Chasseur to the Royal Court by Queen Margrethe.

Married to Jørgen Hansen Berg and mother of three daughters born 1997, 1999 and 2001. MF , Political Spokesperson of The Conservative People’s and 2014 and Political Leader . Executive Director of Danish Association of Architectual Companies from 2014. One month after her appointment as minister she gave start to her first son in December 2001 and in 2003 the second.

Britta Caroc Schall Holberg is married to Jørgen Hansen and mother of two sons. Civil Servant in the Ministry of Interior and as Senior Advisor. Her mom Ingeborg Refslund Thomsen was Member of the Landsting for the Social Liberals ( ) and MP ( ). Gudrun was married to lawyer Erik Rasmussen, mother of two kids, and lived ( ) . Journalist, Deputy Mayor and Rådmand, Mayor and again Deputy Mayor of Åbenrå, MF for the Social Democrats, Chairperson of the Association of Municipalities.

Since 1975, women have been overrepresented in high school education and in greater training, however this has nonetheless not been correctly mirrored within enterprise life. Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen is, next to her research, President of CBS Feminist Society that tries to draw attention to inequality in the labour market. She has also been one of many founders of the organisation Female Invest, a pupil organisation that teaches more women how to invest their cash and tries to recruit more women to the monetary sector. Married to Andreas Seebach and mother of 3 kids, the youngest born in 2015. Member of the City Council of Rudersdal and Liberal MP from 2007.

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MF and for the Social Democrats, when she did not seek re-election. Chairperson of the Council of Denmark’s Radio/TV , Deputy Chairperson of the Social Democrats and 1. Vice-Chairperson of the Folketing , after having lost a draw for the submit of Chairman, as the parliament was in a tie. Birte Weiss née Rasmussen was married to Ole Weiss and mom of two sons.