Biblion Installation Guide for New Users

Download and Installation Guide for Biblion

Step 1

Download the Biblion installation file by clicking on one of the following links and select the “Save file” option to save the file onto your computer:

ENGLISH schools: Download Biblion for English schools

AFRIKAANS schools: Download Biblion for Afrikaans schools

DUAL / PARALLEL medium schools: Download Biblion for English + Afrikaans schools

Note: By default, the installation file will be saved to your My Downloads folder on your computer unless you specifically choose to save it somewhere else.

Step 2

Firstly you need to unzip the Biblion installation file you just downloaded.

Unzipping is a standard Windows procedure. Right click on the zipped file and select ‘extract all …’ (if you are unsure then Google for help).

You MUST not proceed any further until the software and content .zip files have been extracted.

Step 3

In the EvaluNet Biblion folder that was created during step 2, you will find a folder called ‘Documents’. Inside this folder you will find the Biblion Setup Guide. It is vitally important that you read this and follow the install steps closely.

Need help?

Contact us if you require any assistance with your installation.