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To get a 2nd sample tea leaf extract resolution, a 3rd sample tea leaf extract 7) extract theanine Determination: a 2nd sample tea leaf extract, a third sample tea leaf extract theanine material by HPLC for dedication of the sample content of theanine = 100X sample tea extract theanine content, a second leaf samples received theanine, theanine third leaf samples eight) shoots a youthful and tea varieties index calculation: the sample was defined as the ratio of the third leaf and theanine theanine content of the next sample is a leaf tea shoots a youthful and index, the more robust a youthful and the larger sized index price tea versions 9) tea types shoots a youthful and analysis: a youthful and shoots index S0 sixty five is a youthful and inadequate species tender shoots keeping index is eighty five sq. youthful and sturdy versions tender shoots index dielectric help involving .

rn[0005] 所述的一种茶树品种新梢持嫩性的鉴定方法,其特征在于步骤2)中:蓄养茶树嫩梢到28-32%。 One sort of tea kinds shoots the [0005] help of tender identification technique, whereby in stage two): 28-32%, to younger shoots keeper tea. rn[0006] 所述的一种茶树品种新梢持嫩性的鉴定方法,其特征在于步骤3)中:采集两个不同叶位的茶叶样品鲜叶各30g步骤5)中分别等量称取步骤4)中处理后的茶叶样品5g茶叶样品粉碎。 One form of Tea [0006] The tender shoots of keeping identification system, whereby in action 3): acquisition of two distinct samples of tea leaf positions of every single refreshing leaves 30g Step five) have been weighed in an equal total move four) after the tea samples addressed 5g pulverized tea samples. rn[0007] 所述的一种茶树品种新梢持嫩性的鉴定方法,其特征在于步骤5)中:茶叶样品放入小型中药粉碎机中粉碎110-130秒后,过40-80目筛子。 1 type of tea versions shoots the [0007] assistance of tender identification approach, wherein phase 5): Chinese Tea samples had been placed in a smaller pulverizer 110-a hundred thirty seconds, through 40-eighty mesh sieve.

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rn[0008] 所述的一种茶树品种新梢持嫩性的鉴定方法,其特征在于步骤6)中:100°C沸水浴浸提28-32min,每5-6min摇晃混匀一次,过滤液用0. rn[0009] 上述一种茶树品种新梢持嫩性的鉴定方法,在采集茶树春梢一芽五叶嫩梢中不同叶位叶片,利用高效液相色谱方法测不同叶位叶片中的茶氨酸含量,并以第三位叶片与第二位叶片中茶氨酸含量的比值作为持嫩性指数,对茶树品种的新梢持嫩性进行客观鉴定评价,减少茶树品种评价中主观印象带来的误差,对优质茶树新品种选育,优质茶叶原料采摘都具有重要的指导意义。 [0009] one particular of the above tea kinds tender shoots identification system of holding, in a 5-leaf bud in spring shoots younger shoots collected tea leaves on diverse positions, as measured by high functionality liquid chromatography of theanine in various posture leaves material, and to the ratio of the third blade and the 2nd blade theanine as a younger and index of tea kinds shoots a young and objective identification and analysis, the evaluation of kinds of tea to minimize the subjective impact of bringing mistake, breeding of new varieties of significant-quality tea, high tea selecting raw components have essential guiding importance. 具体实施方式 Comprehensive techniques. rn[0010] 以下结合具体的实施例对本发明作进一步说明。 [0010] The pursuing embodiments with reference to distinct embodiments of the existing creation will be even further described.


rn[0011] 实施例一以龙井43的新梢持嫩性鉴定为例,方法具体描述如下: one) 茶树修剪:在杭州地区,于10月中上旬,利用轻修剪机对龙井43成年茶树进行轻修剪,剪去上层4-5cm的秋梢,抑制茶树主干的顶端优势,促进侧芽萌发; two) 茶树新梢蓄养至一芽五叶期:用于新梢持嫩性鉴定的龙井43茶树,春茶期间不采摘,蓄养芽梢直至30%的新梢到一芽五叶期(4月下旬); 3)样品采集:用整枝剪剪取龙井43的一芽五叶新梢,然后从新梢上摘取第二叶、第三叶及第四叶,三个不同叶位的茶叶样品鲜叶各25g 4) 样品干燥与冷藏:将龙井43的三个不同叶位的茶叶样品分别放入微波炉杀青80-240s,直到叶片能捏成团,稍有粘性和弹性,失水率为37%-forty three% 然后放入80°C烘箱烘12h,至足干,放入错泊袋中,在20C冷减备用; 5)样品粉碎:分别等量称取步骤4)中处理后的茶叶样品5g烘干的 [0011] Illustration forty three is a Dragon to shoot a younger and identified as an illustration, the process explained as follows: one) Tea Tree pruning: in Hangzhou, 10 months early on by gentle trimmer forty three Longjing tea for gentle adult pruning, lower the top four-5cm of fall tree, tea tree trunk suppression of apical dominance and boost lateral bud germination two) the keeper of tea shoots to 5 leaves and a bud stage: shoots for a young and determined forty three Longjing tea, spring in the course of the tea is not picked, the keeper shoot buds up to 30% of a bud to shoot 5-leaf stage (late April) three) sample assortment: a clipping Dragon bud shoots five leaves forty three with pruning shears, and from shoot removal of the 2nd blade, the third blade and a fourth leaf, tea leaf placement a few various samples of just about every refreshing leaves 25g 4) samples are dried and frozen: Dragon Nicely tea samples the three different position leaves were put 43 microwave correcting 80-240s, until eventually the blades can form into teams, somewhat viscous and elastic, water reduction level of 37% to forty three% and then put in drying oven at 80 ° C 12h, ample to dry, positioned in the incorrect bag poise, Help save the cold standby 20C 5) sample pulverized: an equal total of stated tea samples soon after four 5g) in the processing from move drying 茶叶样品放入小型中药粉碎机中粉碎120秒后,过60目筛子,得到第二叶茶叶碎末、第三叶茶叶碎末和第四叶茶叶碎末; 6) 样品浸提处理:准确称取第二叶茶叶碎末、第三叶茶叶碎末和第四叶茶叶碎末各1.

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