Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back again to haunt him

Kenny Rogers’ 25-year-old intercourse scandal back again to haunt him

Kenny Rogers’ intimate attack target reveals singer ruined her life, calls singer ‘scum. ‘

Kenny Rogers ‘ 25-year-old intimate attack situation has resurfaced while the girl whom filed the actual situation against Rogers is talking away, revealing all after all of these years. Lisa Applewhite could be the title of Kenny Rogers’ target and she claims that she’s got never ever gotten throughout the terrible attack and seems just as if she never ever will. Applewhite now goes on the final title of Kimball, and claimed to Radar on the web, “It makes me personally upset and cringe once I see him on television, ” claims Lisa. “I think he’s scum that is filthy.

Absolutely, he ruined my entire life. ”

Kenny Rogers thinks phone intercourse is innocent fun

She’s now exposing the main points. Lisa stated she came across Kenny through a family group buddy by the title of Billy Bob Harris who was simply a tremendously good friend of Rogers. Harris claimed which he could easily get Lisa component in Kenny’s movie and offered Kenny Lisa’s quantity. Kenny later called Lisa asking her to audition for a component within the movie. Lisa stated Kenny paid $3,000 on her pictures, liked exactly exactly exactly what he saw, and thought she’d perfectly fit the part but shared with her it had been extremely important that she keep their “relationship” quiet.

Kenny Rogers continues to reject all claims of incorrect doing

“I never ever thought for just one moment he’d manipulate me personally that way because I became therefore young, ” adds Lisa, who was simply 26 at that time. “ I thought of him as a grandfather figure because he had been a great deal older. ”Next, she headed down towards the ny to generally meet with Kenny to audition at their college accommodation, nevertheless when she arrived she discovered that Rogers had more on their head than providing her a component within the film.

Use the test to see

Things got extremely frightening on her behalf after that. She described the information of this evening, exposing that Kenny delivered for after their concert and ordered everybody else to go out of their college accommodation after she arrived. ” we became stressed. We chatted for a time, and then he grabbed me personally and attempted to kiss me personally. ” She next described how she attemptedto fight down their aggressive improvements making him mad, while he threatened her that if she told anybody just what had occurred he’d make use of their capacity to see she never became an actress.

Now at age 51, Lisa shared that she thought then that her life was at risk, and that Kenny Rogers, 78, had been going o have her killed. Things failed to end here for Lisa, whom unveiled that the singer called her, asking to have pleasure in their phone intercourse dreams, telling her he’d purchase her a car that is new.

Rogers has also been accused an additional suit during the time that is same two feamales in Texas, whom reported he made obscene calls in their mind. The “Gambler” hitmaker acknowledged the intercourse scandals in the memoir “Luck or something like that I could have won that battle like it, ” writing, “If I’d fought the lawsuit. It absolutely was a telephone number that they had to phone and select within the message. “

Rogers claims that the ladies had the decision to help make the phone calls, saying he considered his friends that he was left “very hurt” by these women, whom.

Up to now, the singer nevertheless denies anything that is doing.

Rogers is better know for country hits ” The Gambler, ” “Lucille, ” and “Ruby, do not just take Your want to Town. ” through the years their music job has always remained extremely stable. Nevertheless, the cannot that is same stated for their love life. Kenny has four kids and it has been hitched 5 times. He’s presently marred to Wanda Miller.

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