About Us

We’ve been in education for over two decades.

Here are some major milestones along the way …

South Africa

South Africa (best country in the world) holds it’s first free and fair elections. Nelson Mandela liberates the country from years of discrimination.

At the turn of the millenium, over 300 schools are using EvaluNet software.

XT launches with resounding success and within the space of two years over 200 schools are using it for assessments and testing.

EvaluNet sells the rights to its home product range to Learning Lab Apps, and the company refocuses exclusively on the teacher and school market.

EvaluNet Educational Software South Africa

Dereck Marnewick founds Interactive Learning Solutions as an educational software development company that eventually changes name to EvaluNet.

EvaluNet becomes a founding member of ADESSA – an organisation commissioned by the National Department of Education.

We launch Biblion, and we partner with Woolworths MySchool.

Work starts on new products, tools and content for teachers, with a focus on assessment and revision.

School Learning Software

We release our very first product called e-SCHOOL. It becomes South Africa’s first assessment and revision software for schools.

EvaluNet becomes the first South African educational software developer to open an online ecommerce store.

MathPRO is launched and Teacher’s Monthly reaches 3,000 subscribers.

Maths software

Naspers invests a 49% stake in EvaluNet. e-TUTOR, our first home-based product changes name to GetAhead.

Works starts on the replacement product for e-SCHOOL. The new product is named XT.

GetAhead, XT, Biblion and MathPRO has now been used by more than 1 MILLION learners across South Africa.

Doing education differently

We’re a team of people who create simple educational software products that solve real problems that teachers and children face daily. We became fed up by educational software that was difficult to navigate, difficult to understand, difficult to use and downright plain ugly.

So, we embarked on a mission to create educational software tools that were relevant to South African teachers and children and that made a real difference in their lives.

We believe that simple is better, and less is more.

To convey one of the most striking elements of our company’s culture, that the people of EvaluNet believe passionately in education, we’ve introduced the concept of “doing education differently”. The ‘old-school’ way of thinking is out. We believe that technology integration is the future and can help both learners and teachers.

Everything we offer …


Interactive revision worksheets to help learners prepare for tests and exams.


Interactive assessment and testing software to help teachers save time.


Curriculum revision for learners at home. (Now sold by Learning Lab Apps)

Teacher’s Monthly

Free, online resources for teachers.

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