XT Testimonial

Kenridge Primary School, Cape Town

Kenridge Primary School in the northern suburbs of Cape Town has been a customer with EvaluNet for almost 12 years. We decided to interview Jenny Goslett, the school IT teacher, about how she uses XT on a daily basis.

How long have you been teaching, where did you study and what is your current job title?

I studied at Graaff Reinet Teachers’ College and started teaching at Kenridge Primary in 1984. I taught Grade 5 for seven years, Grade 4 for thirteen years and have been the computer teacher for six and a half years. I am Head of IT and Admin at KPS.

How do you use XT and why do you like it?

Educators set their own tests, whether it be from scratch, or using existing data. They liaise with me regarding a time (mostly during computer lessons) and what content to set for the learners. Educators enjoy this feature because it is saves them many hours of marking time, especially the educators who subject teach and have 210 learners in a grade.

I use the Study Mode in XT before doing assessments and tests. The learners love to go onto the Challenge Mode when they have completed their computer work. I find that when they use the Challenge Mode, more thought and effort is put into answering the questions as the learners do not like to lose.

Educators use XT for DAT (Didactical Aid Teaching) before school. Many of the keen learners arrive at the computer room long before the time, and start without the educator because XT is so easy to use. Educators who teach Extra Maths and Extra Afrikaans as an extra-mural activity, bring the learners in from time to time to consolidate work done or to bring variety into their teaching methods.

Which features do you use most?

The Exam Mode. We work on a two week cycle and the Gr 7’s “write” a Xhosa test using XT almost every time they come to the computer room. It only takes about 10 minutes of my 75 minutes’ computer time, and using XT saves hours of marking time for the Xhosa educator.

Did you use anything similar before XT?

No. We have been using XT (previously called EvaluNet e-SCHOOL) since it was developed in 1997. We have been impressed by the continual upgrading and support we receive from EvaluNet.

Tell us about a situation where XT helped you out/saved the day …

Generally, it is always a back up for when something happens and I cannot teach new concepts, eg. I am called out of the class for an emergency. As a senior, I have to visit a class for an educator’s appraisal, and the computer class is looked after by their own educator. If I have to attend training / a meeting during the school day, and a relief teacher looks after the class and can simply let the learners work through exercises in XT.

Any tips or tricks for other XT customers?

During exam time, try setting TRUE/FALSE, MULTIPLE CHOICE and CLOZE questions in XT. This saves a lot of time on marking. We leave out the SOCRATES questions because should the spelling be incorrect, then the answer is incorrect, and this is a bit unfair on learning areas such as SS, NS, EMS, Maths and LO. Try using XT specifically for LO. It is often the area where one lacks assessment. We even use XT for open book tests. One year we even did our Inter-house quiz using XT. It saved lots of time on the marking!

Anything else?

Being able to export test results generated in XT into an Excel sheet is particularly helpful. I e-mail the results to the educators who copy and paste them into their assessment sheets.

We also love other EvaluNet projects such as the GetAhead Competition which has brought in thousands of rands to our computer budget, enabling us to buy new software and hardware. Last year we donated half the money we made through the GetAhead Competition to a neighbouring farm school. The after-sales service from EvaluNet is excellent! EvaluNet is not a company that sells you a product and then disappears. They get involved with their customers.

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